Carmen Masainz

Hey there, I haven't done a significant update in some time now.... yeah shame on me. ;3 Now a little about me... er...; I dont have much free time, but when I do, I like to draw, because its like hanging my brain on the wall, just leave it there and not worry about a thing. So yeah, Carmen (aka Maka) is a South American med student who lives ina Petri Dish, likes to draw, has this thing for pointy ears and cheese *mmmmmm cheeeeeeseeee* and *it* has roamed this Earth since May 1981 yay! So PH33R D4' M4C4 4/\/D H3R /\/\4D L33T 5K1LL5!!!!!! For further info you can go to my webpage which is ACTUALLY ONLINE AND WORKING!!!! Go me ^____^.... not finished though O____o()()(). DISCLAIMER: EVERYTHING HERE IS COPYRIGHTED TO ME UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. STEAL AND DIE!!! *NOTE*: I deleted most of my old pics, except those in tours... I hate when people delete pics that are part of a tour, dont you???