Monique Anleu

I absolutely love to read and write and enjoy drawing during class while simultaneously talking with my friends about after-school plans. My writings have been edited and inspired by my friends, most of whom are characters in my books to some extent. Favourite books I adore Tamora Pierce as well as the House of Night series, both of which are teen fantasy. Favourite music Most people who know me agree that I must have been born in the 30s because my favorite artists include the Beatles, the Rat Pack, Elvis, and several modern pop, rap, and rock artists.

Bathed in Blood chapters 1-2

My newest edition and my shortest I think. Its a werewolf story with a female protagonist who is also a cold hearted theif who thinks nothing of murder, what I want to do is see how much I can get the readers to like her even though she's so obviously bad. just a little experiment that I'm hoping I can do something with.

Elsiana chapters 7-8

same story as before, tragedy / teen kinda thing, but now there are guys, oh no what shall we do?!? this part was written pretty recently actually so I like it. It's in these chapters that you first meet the villain of the piece (who is actually my second favorite character and I think will turn out pretty well) again, any and all comments are welcome, as are names

Elsiana chapters 5-6

This is the third installation of my Elsiana book (yet again I'd like to know if anyone has any names, leave them on my comments and I will take them into consideration) and therefore the fifth  and sixth chapters. The previous chapters weren't that good since they were written a little over a year ago versus these that are far more recent, so I thank you for bearing with me through the torture that was me setting the book up when I was twelve and experimenting. There's a little more romance and action now and I had some fun with emotions and different points of veiw. I would also like to address the fact that a few of my friends thought that these were diary entries and I'd just like to say that they aren't and I only include the date for the sake of not confusing anyone (or trying not to). Enjoy

Elsiana chapters 3-4

These are the third and fourth chapters to my Elsiana book (which has no true name so far). I will be publishing my book two chapters at a time since each chapter is fairly short and I was told by a moderator that it would be a better idea than putting up all seven chapters at once. Since there was some confusion by a friend who read my book and I forgot to say it in the first Elsiana publishing, the word followed by two sets of numbers is the date (EX Pondera 18, 342) and just a word to the wise pay close attention to the dates because they help you understand the story line.


This is a story I've been trying to write for a long time and this is the latest and most promising in a long line of attempts that I've only posted for the sake of getting feedback and editing advice. I have around seven chapters writen already, all better than these first two. However, the story is a coming of age story of a teenage girl with an unusual background and the tragedy that leads her to abandon her perfect life.