Victor Leonard

A quick rundown I suppose. I'm a writer, Traditional Goth, jerk, Chef in Training, music elitist, gamer, and much more.A lot of my writing is either Horror/Macabre, Fantasy, or Love-based. Ocassionally I have things exploring out into other things though.I'm the boyfriend of user , I'm following her to what I hope is a better community for writers.All in all just have a look around and perhaps read what I have to share. If you do, please leave me your thoughts, they are always appreciated.Criticism is welcome on all of my writing. I like Many, but chief among them being my other half, video games, cooking, reading, the internet, and movies. Favourite movies That's a tough question. Right now the Twilight Zone (Black and White episodes) comes to mind. Favourite books I'm a Stephen King fan, I have a large number of his books. On my shelf is also Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Hobbit, Animal Farm, and some other random books. Favourite music Oho, this is where I have much to say. My favorite music is of course Gothic Rock, my top bands being Bauhaus, Skeletal Family, Corpus Delicti, and Rosetta Stone, and not in that order. I'm big on classical, and I've yet to hear classical I didn't like. My favorite piece? I cannot possibly say. I like Classic Rock as well, and Video Game Music (VGM) is quite enjoyable to me. I enjoy Voltaire's music but I'm still not sure what you'd call it. I guess Dark Cabaret? Let's not forget our Darkwave and Punk either. I am -not- much for Metal.

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