Matthew Dellit

About MeWell you can all see my name up there in big letters (i hope hehehe), I live in Oz (which is Australia for all those who don't know, or who think it's where Dorothy and Toto flew off to in their house hehehehehehe). Recently got my eyebrow pierced, which was rather painful, and bled heaps, but i like it, and since i'm the one who has to live with the piece of metal in my head, it's good that i like it.My InfluencesFriends and family mostly, other artists, books, pictures, movies, games, really just the world around me.My ArtI use pencil mostly for my works. I'm trying to learn how to shade at the moment. I also try and use the pc to colour my works sometimes.Other Artists and WritersHelen Lundin Joseph W. George Karen Picketts Amanda 'Moon Lightning' East Tommie 'Peregrin' Leijs Olga 'Zefni' Pakhomov Kathleen 'Calle' Savage Danielle 'Lightstep' Meldrum Linda 'Moira' Oestli Charlotte Nygård Jen 'Halla' Wardell Annah Hutchings (Amarys) Stacey 'Celebrian' Payne Aurora 'DT' Baker Allison-Jennifer Riedel Sally Victoria MakinUpdatesWednesday 5th February - 1 picture addedTuesday 25th February - 1 new pic and 1 updated pic, enjoy