Matthew Dellit

About MeWell you can all see my name up there in big letters (i hope hehehe), I live in Oz (which is Australia for all those who don't know, or who think it's where Dorothy and Toto flew off to in their house hehehehehehe).My InfluencesFriends and family, other artists, books, pictures, movies, games, really just the world around me.My ArtI use pencil mostly for my works. I'm trying to learn how to shade at the moment. I also try and use the pc to colour my works sometimes.Other ArtistsHelen Lundin | Joseph W. George | Jennifer 'Scylla' Koch | Karen Picketts | Amanda 'Moon Lightning' East | Tommie 'Peregrin' Leijs | Olga 'Zefni' PakhomovUpdatesTuesday, 23rd June 2002 - Me just made this page, YAY =DWednesday, 9th October 2002 - Updated the bioThursday, 17th October 2002 - New bio pic, showing the now eyebrow pierced meMonday, 28th October 2002 - Updated bio, coz my last updated picture was refused *Grr*

A tale of Talin - Chapter 1

The start of a story i have been thinking of for a while now.

Fae Legend

A legend of the splitting of the fae, from my own rpg world

The Prophecy

The prophecy that is the basis for a story some friends and i never got around to writing.


The introduction to a story/screenplay that i have had buzzing about inside my head for a while now.

Book 1 - A Prologue

The prologue to my story. I've reworked the whole thing, in my head at least, and i've come up with a new introduction. Here's the first part, hope you enjoy :)