Matthew Rumbelow

Starting a new bio from scratch today. Im 13 (il b 14 in jan), like sk8boarding n simply goin outside wheneva i can, listenin 2 music (mostly rock but I am starting to like rat pack alot) and have just started branching into paints with the watercolors im borrowing from school (I'l give them back eventually i swear:)). By the way all my coloured pics have been done with watercolours so far- Il let you know if that changes. I haven't done an upd8 for ages because 1st i took a break from art then right before i was about to publish some new pics i lost them all ahh! but kno iv got new ones and their colourful (most of them are anyway) So, my loyal fans-do i have loyal fans if i do please tell me that you are, have fun looking at my new revamped gallery yay. il shut up now.