Matthias Weiss

Hello there. Make yourselves at home at my little gallery. My name is Matthias Weiss. I´m from Germany, 31 years old and currently doing my PhD in entomology and ecology. Next to my interest in biology, drawing is something that I´ve been enjoying for almost all of my life. Aside from art classes in school I´m mostly self taught. I rely almost exclusively on graphite pens - but every year I make the wilful promise to myself that I will get more savvy with computer graphics to colour some of my work. The majority of motives for my pictures is supplied by the common interest that my friends and me share in fantasy and science fiction - mainly the RPGs that we play in such settings. But from time to time I also dabble in some Fan Art of whatever catches my interest at the moment - which most surely also has to do with fantasy and science fiction.