Eugenia Gala

First...*THANKS EVERY PEOPLE THAT HAS LET SOME COMENT* All and every of them is very much apreciated. I will not forget to spend a bit of my free time in the galleries of every artist that visited mine and did his/her constructed criticism. Thanks all of you, you're the best. You really cheer me up. ^_^ Now, about me...I was born in 1974. Got a hard education that makes me evade to fantasy worlds. My histories began before my solid memories. I went to the university to learn how to teach (only learned how NOT to teach) and actually I work in a school. Before that I have done some funny things like work on the care of 3 bears, designing for very bad taste computer games and pilot a plane. Actually I do funny things too: roleplaying, softcombat, writting and drawing, publishing some stuff of mine and be the terrifing monster to my students that I hated so much wen I was young. I live in Mallorca with mi sweetheart, a dog, and all my multiples personalities. We fit very well all.