Max Bertuzzi

1993: I decided to try my way in the art world. So I left the engineering courses at the university while I was 22 and I changed my life completely. I attended to a comics course and an illustration course, to learn the basics. I knew some professionals and had the opportunity to learn some useful things. Partially recovered from my long gap, I had been also working as a freelance assistant animator on some projects in Italy.I used mainly ink and pencils because those are techniques I learned first, but I am working on various color techniques as well. In the past, my single illustrations have been occasionally published on some well known comics/RPG magazines, mostly in Italy and on various fanzines and webzines around the world.Since about 1 year, as I started receiving more assignments and commissions, I decided to consider myself a pro (even if I am not yet able to live with just my art), so the work you see here is only my amateur period work. I'll be publishing some recent works on CCG and comics in the near future. Some contemporary favourite artists (deep breath): Alan Davis, Adam Huges, Mignola, John Buscema, Moebius, Bisley, Corben, Vallejo, Berni Wrightson, Segur, Rosinski, Whelan, Parkinson, Frazetta, Burne Hogarth, Shuiten, Caza, Royo, Ciruelo, Froud & Lee, and many others. I have worked in an advertising agency for more than 3 years (1999-2002), doing 2D computergraphics.