Max Wolf

My name is Max. Writing has been a pastime for me for many year. I remember in the third grade wanting to write a story about a boy and a tiger, which was going to be called Hunted Tiger. Years later I am still writing, but with better grammar and more imagination. I am 15 years old, soon to be 16. When first I found this site and all it's wonders I was around the age of 11, and waited two long years before I could join.  I remember starring in wonder at all of the art, wondering how it was people were creating such marvalous masterpieces. I now dedicate my life to the learning of this art, as a form of passion far greater than any I have felt before.UPDATE (Sept. 28): I should have Ch. 3 of The Manipulator done by the end of this week, as well as a new story. Short stories will come soon as well, for those of you interested in my writing but not willing to embark on a long reading adventure on a bright computer screen. I have my art page at Check it out! I like Writing and drawing. I love the arts.

The Manipulator, Ch. 2: Connected

"Only blood can kill blood." Wolf and Blade travel to the Other World to meet with Griff Harold, who confirms Wolf as the most powerful Manipulator he has ever seen. Blade names Wolf "Apprentice Manipulator", and a connection is formed between Wolf and his gryphon.

The Manipulator, Ch. 1: The Apprentice

Wolf Fate: The hope of the Other World, who alone has the power to stop his own father and putting right a world that went completely wrong. He never expected he was speciel, but then the Manipulator Jack Blade shows up at cozy home and tells him differently. He says he can manipulate anything, and that he was to be trained to destroy evil in the Other World. Wolf has a big decision to make: Does he go and be trained as a Manipulator, or does he stay with his brother and grandmother?