Haley Oatway

I see you've stumbled into my gallery... well, if you'd like to know about me here are a few of the basics. My name is Haley Oatway I'm Canadian I love drawing writing reading singinglistening to musichanging outect... the list goes onVisual inspirations come from other artists and just watching the events and people around me. I like Music, movies, various aspects of film and animation, how video games are made and the story lines, art of all sorts. Favourite movies Supernatural, Reaper, Blood Ties. Labyrinth, The Lost Boys, Dark Crystal. Favourite books Most of Stephen Kings fantasy/scifi books. Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker Favourite music Some bands/groups I like are: * Adiemus * A Fire Inside * Alexisonfire * Apocalyptica * Billy Idol * Billy Talent * David Bowie * Enya * Epica * Heart * HIM * Incubus * Johnny Hollow * Kamelot * Mushroomhead * My Chemical Romance * Panic! At The Disco * Slipknot * Terri Clark * The Birthday Massacre * The Killers * The Used * Three Days Grace * Within Temptation * Zeromancer * 30 Seconds to Mars * and many, many others