Welcome, traveller, to my art gallery. I haven't updated anything here in ages... Sorry, I've been kinda lazy... And with the death of my scanner, it makes tings pretty difficult to upload anything. But I managed to find a few new things on my computer, and I'll make an effort toscan and upload more... well... when I'll find time and install the new scanner. My name is Maya, I am a 26 years old lass, I work as an orthotherapist, and drawing to me is great to pass time (as well and very therapeutic when needed (much less destructive to pass frustration than actually destroying anything valuable =^.^=). My inspiration comes mostly from dreams, fantasy and roleplays. I am seen as someone complex and rather strange by many, for I am all-round and love many different things that don't necessarily go together... and so I draw, but I also sometimes paint, sculpt, I enjoy music, I practice oriental dancing - also known as belly dancing - practice martial arts, love anatomy/biology, studied in orthotherapy, and am considered by my coworkers to be a walking, talking encylopedia. What can I say? I'm an artist... One thing I like from art is beauty. I love to try to illustrate beauty. And I think that the human body can be very beautiful. Therefor, you WILL find some nudes on my gallery, or half-nudes if I can say so. I will from now on put 'Mature' beside their title. Now, if you CAN'T tolerate the sight of skin, don't panic! You see that little 'x' in the upper-right corner of your browser? Just click on it with your mouse. You can't figure what I am talking about and are about to have a heart attack? Just type ALT-F4 and you will be saved. I will not tolerate stupid and pointless comments such as 'HOW RUDE!' or 'That's too disturbing!' on my nudes or half-naked anymore. These comments will be deleted from now on. And I won't tolerate mean, disrespectful comments and/or emails either. I have much better things to do that read junk mail. So if you have nothing nice to say, don't waste your time. Constructive criticism is still very sought. Thank you. Have fun!