Marie Thomas

Hello, my name is Marie, but most people call me Mazzy or elf *ponders* I'm quite shy, I've not had a proper job yet but I volanteered at my local art shop for a while and I am a pixel artist for Soliaonline I like to collect a number of things, I used to collect glass bottles but I had to get rid of a lot of those, I collect keys and key like things!Lately I have been collecting Pocket Watches.I also collect books by Brian Froud who is my favourite artist.Also books on Animals/dinosaurs and evolution seems dominate my book shelves.  I like I love to travel to places I can explore, particularly if there are ancient places, I enjoyed Egypt and Crete the most I think, and I do want to go back... Favourite movies I like the Labyrinth , Willow, Legend and the last unicorn Favourite books interview with the vampire Favourite music Within temptation, Apocalyptica and the Rasmus