So... In case any of you are interested as to wher eI have bene over my long long long period of absence, I will fill you in. It started... back in '04... May is was, when my mother passed away. I spent time in an institution after a mental breakdown brought on by that event. After being released from the hospital, I was no longer allowed by my father to live at his house. I had two days to pacl what could fit in a tiny room I had to share in a group hope. In the group hope, was highly medicated, and there was no internet. I had the occasional access at my friend elly's house. After several months there, I got the opportunity to move in with Elly and her mother. The two were very good to me. There was the occasional arguing, do to disagreements between them and my boyfriend at the time, but it was a step up from the group home. I still however was struggling with my mental illness, so art was not top on my list of things to do with myself. Thigns eventually got too tense between the 4 of us living there, so we decided it was best if me and my boyfriend left. I quickly found an apartment that was affordable on my income. The only problem was... It was hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from everything and everyone I cared about. Far from my comfort zone in new york. I moved to Tampa, FL. Things started going good again, until I had a disagreement with the owner of the apartment complex over rumors. I moved to another place in Tampa, about 4 or 5 miles away from the old location. And thats where I am today. I have been forced to grow up in alot of ways. I have realized I have been wrong on a lot of things. But seeing the way my mental illness made me act, and realizing from my mother's death, thats life is too short to have regrets. So I've been trying to patch some stuff up with people. (Ya'll know who you are. I've already contacted most of you.) But I'm making time for more art. I'll be submitting something new shortly. :) For those of you who read this, thanks for taking the time. For those of you who skimmed it, thanks to you too. For those of you who aren't reading this at all... wait. lol if you aren't reading it, why am I even adressing you in it. XD Enjoy the art folks. :)   Kay---Dark and beatiful art Sarah 'Eve' Cunningham Angst flakes! Sarah 'Carrot' Clarke--- Master of the evil bunny... thing... o_O;;; Rachael Jean Evans Look at the Butterfrog! Lady Kakata-- The Supreme Dark Angel Jessica M. Douglas--- Mistress of Spam Brandon Lee, the stalker He's sweet, and made me an ice fairy before I even had a gallery. >^_^