William McAusland

      While I’ve been illustrating for more than 20 years now, I’ve finally been able to devote myself to what I love most... speculative art, writing and game design. I’ve been producing RPG art for over a decade, mostly for Goodman Games, Fantasy Flight Games, but also for Kenzer & Company, Wizards of the Coast and others. Presently I am the creative Director and primary author-artist at Outland Arts.com. As can be seen from my gallery here, I do a ton of Post-Apocalyptic art for The Mutant Epoch tabletop RPG, which I also designed and wrote, and indie publish.  I also do a line of fantasy stock art called Fantasy Clip Inks, which sell quite well.   I think many of the artists here at elfwood would be wise to consider compete with me by creating their own stock art sets and selling them at rpgnow.com While many know me only from my art, I in fact started this creative life journey as a novel writing fanatic. In fact, The Mutant Epoch started life as a novel trilogy which I am now reworking and plan to release sometime in the near future. I hope to publish short fiction here at Elfwood as well.   In closing, I just wanted to say that I'm very impressed with the talent shown here. I am glad to be involved. Regards, Will McAusland McAusland's artistic influences include: Kiff Holland, Thomas R.McPhee, NC Wyeth, The Group of Seven, Cybele Ironside, Frazetta, Howard Pyle, Fraser Hellett, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Tom Lovell, James Gurney, Brom, Bill Willingham, Robert Genn, Bill Frymire, The Brothers Hildebrandt, plus all the TSR masters. The artist's creative goals are to produce a graphic novel set in the Mutant Epoch milieu. I like Biking, tabletop RPGs, miniatures, model making, target sports, backpacking, fishing, writing fiction, fine art, red wine, dark chocolate, teaching art and hanging with my 4 kids and wife. Favourite movies District 9, Oblivion, Prometheus, The Hobbit, The Walking Dead, Blade Runner, Band of Brothers, Star Wars (all) Mad Max series, Waterworld, Conan, Kingdom of Heaven, Ironman, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Blackhawk Down, AVP (both) ,The Mummy (both), Book of ELi, The Road, We were Soldiers, Favourite books Deathlands (James Axler/ whole series), The Chrysalids, LOTR, too many to list, really. Favourite music Metallica, Enya, John Williams, 300 (Tyler bates), Blade Runner-Vangelis, Crouching Tiger ( Tan Dun & Yo-Yo Ma), Debussy, Counting Crows, Dwight Yoakam, eminem, DJ-Kicks: Thievery Corporation, REM, movie soundtracks, classical music, techno, old punk stuff...a real mix folks!