Jennifer McCallum

Hi everyone! I am a biology graduate from Kansas State University and I'll be starting vet. school at KSU this coming fall (2003). I like drawing, but it will probably never be a career of mine--just a hobby. I've moved back to the States, after two lovely years in Japan. Adjusting back is strange.... I'm always looking for help in comments--I could certainly use the help with perspectives. I'm also trying to learn to CG, and could use some tips there. If I have some black and white line art you like, I'd welcome you trying to color them!! Please let me know if you do, I'd be thrilled to see it. Feb. 03, 03--Two new pics added, they need help, so please take a look and give some advice to a vet. student with no time to draw.:sigh: Also deleted a few pictures that I felt were too old and no longer fit. You can still find the older stuff on my website though. (Though I update there even less than here, so the newer stuff won't be up most likely)