Heather McCaslin

Welcome to my little place in FanQuarter!! I'm also a proud member of Lothlorien, so please visit my site there, too. So, here are the basics: I'm 22, I live in southeast Tennessee, I draw mostly in pencil (.5 mm lead, of course), my scanner is good for almost nothing, I'm inspired by anything that passes through my mind, glowing eyes rule, people who leave comments rule, there is no spoon, and I am really trying to improve my drawing skills..   I AM DESPERATE FOR COMMENTS!! PLEASE LEAVE ME SOME! Oh, any and all criticism, I don't care, please tell me how I can do things better. And before you look, let me say something about my way of drawing fanart. I am highly inspired by anime, and I have many favorite anime-style characters *glomps Naraku*, but I cannot draw it to save my life... *cries* Maybe if I use a lot of references, but generally, no.. Ergo, I draw in my own 'style', whatever that may be, and there it is--original for me... I, for one, love seeing fanart in the artist's own style, and I hope you do, too! (Sorry about that rant...)Here are some people's places you MUST visit!! I may have to release my legions of rabid goombas upon you if you don't. *maniac laugh* Now go!! Shoo, Git!! Just kidding.Adele Sessler-Great inspiring characters and storiesHian H. Rodriguez-Amazing ink work--awesome dragons!Stephanie Pui-Mun Law-Impossible watercolors-must see!!Silvestris...wow...O.OUpdate: I've really not drawn much of anything worth posting in over a year, and I'm very sorry about that. I've just been very overwhelmed with college and work. I do hope to get back in the swing of things soon, but then again, I am in my senior year. So, this update's mostly just some linearts and sketches. Hope you enjoy, though!