The Past

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Heather McCaslin

CHAPTER 367 SPOILERS...and some of my crap... Minato stumbled into the door, crunching shattered glass beneath his feet. His hand was pressed tightly against the deep wound on his chest, making it a struggle just to keep moving. Kushina stood just inside, clutching their child closely, and she ran to him. "Kushina, this place will not remain safe for long. I have to do something right now, or we will lose Konoha completely." "But, ..Nato... You've done everything! You have nothing left! Many of our elites have already fallen, and others are losing hope. The bijuu has already destroyed much of the village!" "No," the hokage said back fiercely. "There is one last way! Please, let me have the boy!" Kushina looked at him puzzled for a moment until the utter desperation in his usually calm, serene eyes fell upon her. She held the child even more closely to herself and began to back up. "No, no... That jutsu has not even been confirmed! You can't seriously plan to use it--and on our baby!" Tears rained from her eyes, and a strong wind blew through the open door and busted windows. Little Naruto, confused by the ruckus, began to cry. "It's the only way to save Konoha!" Minato shouted, reaching for her. She started at the blood on his hands, and began to cry desperately. "But why our son? Why must it be him and not anyone else?" "Because I would not harm anyoneone else in this village! I would do it to myself if I had enough strength! But I am so weak, I must have another medium!" "Then seal the Kyuubi within me! Curse me!" Minato leaned close to her, wiping her matted red hair out of her eyes. "We cannot continue this conspiracy any longer! If they were to find out the truth between us... To use the boy would save both of you..." "Who cares?" she shouted, jerking away from him. "Who cares what they think? Some people already know of our relationship, and I am even prepared to tell my home village about it!" His hand covered her mouth, and he pleaded with her with his eyes. Could he really love her? Love their son? Something seemed so distant and cold about him now, and she suddenly grew afraid. "I know that you can love him...since I cannot be his father..." Her eyes grew small. "What will become of you?" Without answering, he took the child in his arms and ran out into the fiery night. __________________ I absolutely loved this chapter, and I cannot wait until more is revealed. I think there must have been some sort of conspiracy causing them to have to hide their relationship. I mean, why does Naruto carry his mother's name, and why do no average villagers know of Naruto's parentage? Seems strange to me... Anyways, quick sketch done at work that I did a very quick kindergarten coloring job of at home. So ignore how bad it is...>. Sketch found here: link

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