Everyone calls me Irish. I've been in Elfwood for some time now and I joined to better my skills as an artist. I think that letting others view and comment on my art gives me some of the tools I need to better my skills. I realize that I have a long way to go and I think that by being a member here has improved my skill, noticably. I have been drawing and sketching things more then I have ever before! Practice makes perfect and I need all I can get. I live in South Florida with my wife and our pets (1-dogs, 2-cats). I love to read, watch movies, Warhammer 40k, pretty much anything that Games Workshop develops, painting miniatures, creating scenery for games, writing, anything to do with heavy music (this is another great passion of mine), playing with my dog, and playing the guitar. I draw influences from everywhere I can, everything has a story and shape to it! I use PhotoshopCS4, Bryce5, Poser4 Propak, and CorelDraw9. I have Lightwave7, but do not know enough yet to use it properly, one day! My biggest influence is Dungeons & Dragons!! The game has literally sparked my creativity in every aspect possible!! I love everything about the game and everything associated with it. The D'n'D novels are also great!! Here are some things that I'm into and influences:ArtistsTodd LockwoodLarry ElmoreBromDussoFrazettaBellAuthorsStephen KingBrian LumleyR.A. SalvatoreMargaret WiesTracey HickmanEd GreenwoodMax Brooks  I like My lovely Wife, My animals, Heavy rock music, tattoos, Boxing, Martial Arts, UFC, Tricked out 18 wheelers, custom choppers, Sci/Fi Fantasy art, Sci/Fi Fantasy books(comic novels), Computer generated art(Sci/FI Fantasy), Horror-Sci/Fi-Fantasy Movies TV shows, Anything to do with Dungeons and Dragons, alternative cartoons (adult swim), writing, playing guitar, singing, doing pencil sketches of anything and everything, drawing on my computer, doing CD layouts for my friends bands, going to shows, surfing for cool websites, anything Polar Bears, anything to do with Pit Bulls or English Bull Dogs(accept fighting them), and pretty much just hanging out Favourite movies Anything with Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead series), Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest, Alien series, Star Trek series, Conan the Brabarian movies, Resident Evil trilogy, Tomb Raider trilogy, Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars (all six), Jurrasic Park trilogy, The Mummy trilogy, Toxic Avenger movies, Blade trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Time Bandits, Tron, Pirates of the Carribean trilogy, All the Marvel Movies!!!!!!, All the DC Universe movies!!!, any animated (3D or 2D), only the very graphic (bloody) adult anime cartoons (all others are just too silly and cutesy for my taste.), Samurai Jack, Star Wars the animated series, Avatar, and many, many ,many more!!!!!!!! Favourite books Any Dungeons & Dragons Series!!!!!! I love every-one I've read and I have read alot of them. The Dungeons & Dragons Game books are a great read to me too because I find them to be inspirational to my artwork. The books load me with great ideas!!! I love Dean Koontz's "Frankenstien" series, just waiting for part 3!!, Any R.A. Salvatore (my favorite)!!!!! Lots of different comics and graphic novels, the list for favorite books is just to huge to put down in one sitting!!!! I have favorites that I haven't even read yet!!!! ( If that makes sense to anyone?) Favourite music Cold as Life, H8 Inc., Blood for Blood, Agents of Man, 151 Diesel, Punch & Wipe, Walls of Jerico, In this Moment, Black Sabbath, (old) Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Harm's Way & the L.S.G.H. Crew, Sub-Zero, Madball, Sheer Terror, Sworn Enemy, Placenta, E-Town Concrete, and the list goes on!!!!!!
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