Jenny McMillen

I'm currently working as a freelance Illustrator.  Lives in Toronto (Scarborough), ON, working out from my home.  To see more of my artwork:*NEW* Illustrator website: DeviantART: April, 2012 - My new pieces for Elfwood are finally up.  Seems to take about 2-3 weeks for the modators to vertify your artwork before it can be displayed.  One of them is the new title art of my graphic novel, Crystalium.  I don't know why it got the blue bars and columns that it has showing now, I'll have to reload the image to get it looking right.  Favourite movies Avatar: The Last Airbender, KING, Handy Manny, American's Funniest Videos and Disney's Aladdin. Favourite books Fables Favourite music Linkin Park, Nickelback