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Rhadamanthus was born a Tanagrian. He was raised in the warrior caste and went through the standard training in use of the Intent and martial arts. After joining the army, Rhadamanthus continued his training independently, focusing exsclusively on mastery of the sword. Eventually, he left the Tanagrian army to travel abroad and study with as many swordmasters as possible. Innocently, he entered the dueling games in Varstaat, not being aware of the special condidtions that year, and was thus unwillingly recruited and bound to serve as one of the SavageCrest. Since the official disbanding of the SavageCrest as a unit, he has continued his travels, but is now sought out by the same masters that once taught him. Among his exploits he has acquired two permanently charged items of Intent: a small metal symbol of Tanagra that can be used as a small, mobile shield of force, or can be used to generate a dome of force with the proper amount of concentration. The other is his sword, forged by a master smith of Trum-Kaa and charged by the tribal masters of Zotheca. The sword is enchanted to have no inertia when changing directions, so as to seem weightless to the weilder, yet still apply full force to a blow. The qualities of the sword have proven only to make it much harder to weild as it does not act in a logical manner, thus Rhadamanthus was gifted with it as a testamnet to his skill. He has now pefected using the sword to disorient oppents by causing minor wounds with what should be killing blows. (That left hand and I have issues...) Mechanical Pencil on vellum.

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