New Pictures include: "All" My name is Adriane Marie McQuiston, but I often go by Addy or Ally. My birthday is March 30, 1987. You can go to my personal site (Kaeru No Kaze) to read more about me. I am majoring in Media Arts & Animation at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am currently in my second year. Oh, and by the way, I am interested in doing art/character trades or stuff similar to that. Please e-mail me or msg me about it! Please visit my personal art gallery! I have alot of other stuff there!!To go there, click HERE.  Here are some of my great ElfWood friends- please go and visit their galleries as well. Thankies!! FRIENDS: Gipsy Taylor, Carys Young, Harrison W. Rice,Brandon Wedge *NOTE* Because of recent attack from elfwood/ internet trolls, I must remind everyone that visits that have a problem, complaint, or disagree with my views to E-MAIL me personally. My gallery here is for my art and  not for debates. Please try to be more professional and less immature. My email is and I check more than once a day so I will get your email.  Leave the Elfwood comments for art criticisim, not debates. Thank You.