Adrian Wood

As you may or may not have noticed I'm no longer updating this page :P Sorry everyone but in between working in PR and having a gazillion hobbies I just don't have the time... however if you'd like to know what I'm up to these days on the artistic front check out my record label at and my production work at Thanks for all the love and support through the years! Who knows maybe one day I'll be back...

Slave to the Scribe

Of candle, pen and paper confined by the mind of the scribe...

The Wood King's Revolt

Of the mulish king of the woods and the blossoming of spring...

Winter's Fate, Summer's Bane: Chapters 1 - 2

Thanks to all who helped me improve this and churn out a mightily embelished story! Please read and comment still though because its never going to be perfect! A nightmarish vision, a scoulding tavernkeeper and the looming Cycle of Wind's storms - little does the young Darien know that this last day of autumn will bring more than just another terrible winter...

Song of Shey, the Wyvern Slayer

Of Shey il Fyel, legendary queen of the Mesillieth, and the slaying of Rai'sheen... This translated modern version of the elvish ballad has been handed down through many generations and is set in the world of Ysis, long before the Mark. This is easily my longest piece of poetry and you can pretty much count on me never trying something like this again. I hope you enjoy it though and please view the notes right at the bottom before reading!

On Dragon's Wing

Of a dragon flight like no other... This is the director's cut version ;)

Murderer's Trial

This is actually from a dream I had...obviously put into a different context and much embelished! A bit disturbing this one, so read at your own risk!!

Victims of War

Of battle's bitter tiding...

The Mogrem

Of the creep that's in your sleep... A little diddy bedtime story that's told to children to make sure they aren't naughty!

Winter's Fate, Summer's Bane: Chapter 5

Chased by death, Darien makes a frantic escape from the Boar's Hide as his world begins to crumble and make way for a rising shadow.

Fool's Riddle

I'm back from a long hiatus with this little piece to keep your mind's boggled for a bit while I pick up my writing again ;)

Bad Connection

WARNING! This contains mild language and some disturbing images so read at your own discretion. Furthermore, this story is based on a Spanish short film I watched a while ago and can't remember the name of, so please consider this more of a vehicle for me to develop and express my writing skills rather than my imagination! Some people might also recognise a few cheeky parallels to the movie 'Phone Booth'. All the same, I hope you can enjoy it. The year is 2052. The world is covered by an extensive network of wireless telecommunications known as the 'Centranet'. For Andrew Klein, a menial passenger onboard the bustling city of Buenos Aires, today will be the last time he goes online...

Tiger Eye: Chapter 1

Well, this is my new 'pet-project' that I'm devoting most of my attention too because I just love the concept! Unlike 'Winter's' I know exactly what I want to write and how I want to write it, it all just popped into my head at once. Oh the joys of writing! Basically we have everything here... a Western fantasy set in a quazi Pacific Island type environment, with plenty Oriental influences, magic, martial arts and yes, even pirates...

Winter's Fate, Summer's Bane: Prelude

Here's the updated and much improved version of my prologue and interim chapter then! Enjoy! The tidings of all epic journeys are weaved in the strands of destiny and time, and so this one begins...

The Keeper's Last Episode

Of the dragon's last ever episode... For the lovely Wolf (and gang of course) who has read everything and scooped up 250th comment! As you requested, something not quite so dark and evil about dragons... Is all what it seems though? ;)

Winter's Fate, Summer's Bane: Chapters 3 - 4

The story continues as Darien meets an ominous stranger and epic events of untold proportions begin to unfold upon the tranquil Everwoods and the world of Ysis...


Alright, this one's a bit dark and experimental - my first go at writing science fiction in fact. Only read if you are lucid! Discusions surrounding the likes of genetic engineering are going to become increasingly prominent so I thought this might make an interesting story...

Dwarven Drinking Song

I wrote this when I came back (more than sightly tipsy) late one night from the pub, so this isn't one to be taken too seriously haha! A popular dwarven pub song where each chorus the drinks are downed. If you're still sitting after the last chorus (well done), the song starts again until there's no more dwarves left!