Hannah Bridgeman

So yeah, I am I. Thats all there is too it really. I love to write and draw, I think I am better at the latter, but some people say I write wonderfully. Whatever... lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my place, come in, look around, stay for a cup of tea perhaps?  Just remember that all my work is copyrited, so please don't steal anything.... oh... and  don't open the closet.... we dont need to be catching little shadows just yet. Good Day and Dark Eve, Hannah M. B.ATTENTION ELFWOOD READERS:I am sorry to say that I will not be loading anymore chapters of At First Sight Of Sunshine to my account here. Due to the moderators trying to make me jepordize the integraty of my work, as well as some problems I have been having with Elfwood's Copy Rights.  I under stand that the Mods are doing their jobs, and I am not upset with them... however as a writer it is my job not to compramise my works just because it may have  "questionable" language... If you would like to continue reading this story it will be moving to http://Writing.Com/authors/reddazes  Hope to see some of you there!Sorry Guys. H.