~~~updated October 10 2007. new pics soon to come, just needing to sort through them all and get them ready to post -  As for me? now back in the atlanta area, and hopefully to stay there --- am married, 21 y/o, out on our own, just got ourselves a new little place, which i must say i absolutely love, my hubby did a brilliant job finding this place, have a 16 month olde son who is our whole world- a gemini just like his momma ;)---you want more information, or want to keep up with everything thats been going on with me, or keep up with all my current projects, find me there and watch my pages @ ET as Mordigen--slainte Favourite movies the Lord of the Rings, The Odyssey, Merlin, 5th Element, The Cell Favourite books the lord of the rings, the hobbite, the silmarillion, the crown of stars series, the arthurian legend as told by mary stewart Favourite music system of a down, red hot chili peppers, marilyn manson, godsmack, disturbed, cradle of filth, green carnation, tool, a perfect circle, sublime, wallflowers, serj tankian, eminem, korn, breaking benjamin, emilliana torrini, enigma, delerium, oasis, smashing pumpkins, everlast, everclear, rob zombie, and many many more