Meghan McCauslin

Hey everyone ^^ Meghan here.Not much about me.I love Fantasy and Myths and Legends.They inspire me greatly most times.I'm also an Animal Activist.But I wont go into that.Everytime I do,someone ends up rambling on about hunting at the same time.Never fails.*glares at a group of guys from school,who run away* Annyyyway,I love to draw mythical creatures.I draw from books as well.Like the Animorphs series,Guardians of Ga'Hoole and others.I love both art and animals so much,I'm having difficulty figuring out what I want to go to college for.I'm leaning twards art at the moment,but most of the time,I'm torn. I sketch a LOT.Mostly Fairies,Centaurs and Dragons.I mostly draw my five best roleplaying characters.I usually can be seen with a sketchbook,pencil and drawing book in my hands.Just waiting for that small bit of insperation.I use my drawing books a lot for practices.Free hand drawings only.I NEVER trace.For some reason,its hard for me to trace.I can draw dragons and other creatures and copy a picture down on paper free hand...and yet I can't trace.Go figure.Anyway,Thats me.At least for now.Until I get that new inspiration or develop a new obsession xD. Inspiration / Likes 1.)Guardians of Ga'Hoole Series 2.)Harry Potter 3.)Animorphs 4.)Lord of the Rings 5.)Star Wars (Currently obsessed with it,lol) 6.)Mythical Creatures (Mainly dragons,centaurs,elves,and the likes)