Megon 'Emoni' Haydes

I’m a 22 year old sculptor and writer from California. I love everything fantasy and sci-fi; art, books, movies... all of it! I'm into Star Wars, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Harry Potter, X-Men .... you name it.  Its what I grew up with and it reflects in everything I do.  I’m not only a creator, I’m also an avid collector (and I have a room full of Star Wars stuff to prove it). Since I have been sculpting, I have really been able to appreciate how much work goes into all the other artist’s pieces. Seeing the things other people can come up with always inspires me to break out the clay or the pens and make something great of my own. I haven't been sculpting all that much lately, most of this is older stuff. I'm coming out with my first book and working hard on my second, plus I'm working on a comic book and trying to run my own studio... My days are pretty full... So as you can imagine, art has kinda been put on hold until I get things together, but I'll add stuff as often as possible. That's about it - Thanks for looking! ~*~Emoni~*~ By the way, I use all kinds of clay and materials in my sculpts. If you want to know what I made something out of and I dont have it listed, just ask - no industry secrets here - I'm not that paranoid.   :)