Melissa Graf

Bio overhaul time... Name: Melissa 'Dae' Desiree Graf Birth Date: 20th November 1985 Sex: Female Star sign(s): Scorpio (cusp Sagittarius), and the Ox (water). Likes: Drawing, eating, sleeping, 'playing' (aka annoying) the cat, writing, occasionally swimming, watching movies, spiffy clothes, finding shoes that fit (size 11 and very narrow feet are not good when trying to find high heels), boots, interesting jewellry, reading, lazing around. Dislikes: Shopping, olives, pizza with really thin base, people who think green jelly should be lime jelly (apple I say!), forwards filling up my inbox, people who piss me off, people who wear things which really don't suit them (imho). If you're going to leave a comment, remember to try and make it a little bit of constructive criticism, although by all means you may sing my lauds to the heavens if you wish. ^_^ And I guess while I'm here I'll thank everyone who runs Elfwood for making it such a nice place with their volunteer time (Moderators, ERB, etc.), and all the other artists and writers for keeping it interesting. And then to my friends who are oh-so-supportive for their patience every time I run to them and tell them every little detail about what I did at Elfwood that day. And my mother for not kicking me off too often. Also, if you have the time please go and check out my other galleries (my Zone47 gallery is sorely neglected... *sob sob*)! Last updated: 25th May 2003

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