UPDATES - 11.27.07 SO! After...what, 2 years I finally decided to update this page. Yes, I will try to actively submit work both here and my deviantart gallery. |COMMISSIONS| - Yes! I'm always up for commissions! If your interested, please contact me via e-mail!   - Yes! I'm always up for commissions! If your interested, please contact me via e-mail!  Michael Fajardo: My brother's Zone gallery and budding artist ^_^ Please visit him and leave him many comments! My Deviant Art Gallery ~ I hang out here more than I do at Elfwood :D Plus DevArt uploads images instantly :D Pixel Peril ~ My personal website! ^___^ |LINKAGE| - Friends and/or artists that I admire. ~ Carla Bender~ Nia 'Ultema' Obidos ~Michael C. Winchester~Edgar Paguio~Gillian Ha~Gloria Pan~Kayun Li~Aivi Tran~Shannon Snow~Laura Laurain~Michael Davies~Michelle Dube~V. 'Ravenskar' Bui~Laura 'Lady D' Korhonen~Daniel Lam~Ruben de Vela~Angel Lepordo~Omar Avila~Kenneth Mebus~Fionna Tam~Huy B. Phung ~Kate Egan~Jacinta Raphael~Yang Shan Thanks in advance for all the comments! I really do try and return the favor but sometimes I'm just too busy or I do read the comment and just forget to o_O;; |FAQ| -=What do you use to color your pictures?=-: Most of the time, I color on the computer and use openCanvas. And sometimes I use Painter Classic. But on RARE occasions will I use Prisma colored pencils. -=Do you color with a tablet?=-: I do now! XD But most of the images in here i've colored with the mouse ^_^ -=How long have you been drawing?=-: Well, I started to draw around 6th grade, but I started to draw SERIOUSLY at when I was a sophomore in highschool. So basically, 8 years and counting. -=Will you marry me?=-: ...depends. Where are you going to take me for the honeymoon? =P j/k. -=Did you take any formal drawing classes?=-: In the past, no I haven't. I was self taught. I'm taking a lot of art classes now. -=STOP DRAWING SATANIC TYPE CHARACTERS!!!=-: Well, this isn't really a question, but I couldn't resist putting this up here =P Someone actually told me this, which is utterly ridiculous. Demons, Vampires, Succubus/Incubs', Lichs, and other stuff like that are considered FANTASY. Say it with me, FAN-TA-SY! -__-; *does fake sign language*