Melina Baldwin

Well... that bio was old. So here's a good one. I got a job. I hate it. I work all the holidays and I get paid crap for it. I pay for DSL now that I can afford it which is about $60 a month since we're in the boonies. I saw the most beautiful thing the other day... Snow. Enjoy.Oh, I don' t plan to submit anything else, ever: I'm not too censored there.

Sorrow's Song

The prologue for a story about my Role-Play character I play on EverQuest. Her life story and that of her father's, and sister's.

Stained (chapter one)

Well if you've read some of my other stuff, then you know the nature of my writing. Vampire-type people and their god-like guardians...this is sort of an experimental chapter...if I get good comments I'll continue it..if not'll probably sit here till I do get one. (^_^) well anyway. I thought my little page needed some new stuff on it.

Vampire's Dream

Pretty much the title explains itself. I had a dream one night and a vampire decided to talk to me in this little rant. Enjoy the insanity.

Last Blood: Record of Xeopholite Part I

An elven, vampiric mage in a world of mortals.


Chapter one to the 'Sorrow Song' series. Chapter two to come soon. (Story based on EverQuest)


Okay...something a bit different from what I've written before: A. it's a guy for the main char. B. It's short. C. I have no idea what to call this one!

Last Blood Version 2 Chapter 2

the second chapter to my little string of things like usual.

Last Blood: Part II

I decided to delete all the little chapters and just post them all at once. The newer chapters I will post as 'New Chapter' and you can read those. Hopefully I'll get good enough to update it every month or so.


a story my little sister did when she was 9 or 10. I helped her edit it. she is too shy to post it herself. It is a good story to read I think. Of course I could be biased.

Chapter One (1st person) Last Blood

Okay I know I didn't finish the first format,but here's the second version. I figured I got tired of just say 'She' this 'she' that and just let Xeo tell the story herself.


another odd poem of the same format as the other one I think.