MeL McMann

I've always loved to draw it is my passion in life, this is what i want to do for a living. Art is my life, I work very very hard on everything I do and I hope you appriciate each and everyone of my creations as i do. :)I am Also available for Commissions.Please check out more of my art at My HomePage & DeviantArt, I'm Also on Face Book I like Art, motorcycles, animals, anime, art, being with you..., boys, brand & blaze, cars, cheese, cheesecake, colors, computers, diversity, dreaming, drugs, ego, email, expanding my brain, family, fantasy, fire, food, freaks, freedom, friends, gamers, games, graphic design, hanging' out, internet, kissing, learning, livejournal, long talks, love, mindless ramblings, motorcycles, movies, music, nature, old friends, painting, parties, peace, people, photography, questions, reading, shoes, shooting stars, summer, the ocean, the sun, thunderstorms, toe rings, true love, video games, walking in the rain, wondering, words...and Life. Favourite movies I love cartoons crazy ones that make fun of how dumb people are in the real world, because there's more of them than you think. such as... South Park, Simpson's, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, ATHF, Boondocks, pretty much anything on adult swim (not the boring stuff) It's my taste and I don't care if people say those shows are stupid and make no sense because they do you just actually need to know what they are talking about. Favourite music What ever tickles my fancy.