Samantha Keene

Holy cow, so much has been going on. I havent had real acsess to a computer in almost a year. Wouldn't you know it I got married and moved five hours away! I've had longer moves than that but this was a huge ordeal. I'm very happy and now that things are settling down I'm hoping to get back into my art. I like I absolutely love anything regarding the Arts. Sculpture, Acting, Music, Writing, anything. This also would involve make-up. I love dressing up though I haven't had an opportunity to Cosplay. Prosthetics are such a wonderful thing for messing with peoples' heads. Favourite movies Lord of the Rings! Hmm...Star Wars, Matrix, V for Vendetta, Princess Bride, Gattaga, Highlander, Hitchhiker's Guide, Narnia,various anime. I'm sure there are plenty of others but I can' think of them right now. Favourite books Anything by Tolkien or Douglas Adams. Big Orson Scott Card fan as well as Michael Crichton. I loved the Neverending Story, wish I could read it in German. Once in a while I go over the old fairy tales to get ideas, Beauty and the Beast being my favorite. Anything in Narnia. I know its not Scifi but my favorite book of all time is the Count of Monte Cristo, it has influenced a lot of my ideas. Favourite music Such a wide range I couldn't put everything here. Just about the only thing I don't like is Rap. Even then there is still some I like.