i live in wales(uk)and drive a truck (the bendy ones) i've been doodling all my life and have recently taken up the paintbrush,which i find helps me relax but am still trying to master the tecnique. love fantasy,(who wants to be stuck in reality?)The artists i most admire are,Bob Ross,Paul Bonner,Goya,Adrain Smith,and anybody who can use watercolours properly likes, ice cream, trucks, drawing/painting ,. _dislikes cabbage, fog lamps(in the rain), working,. . people who can't be bothered to reply to comments *i think if people are making the effort to comment on your work the least you can do is reply to let them know you've read it* so remember... comments ARE nice, but replies ARE better :0) *update* F. M. 'B-Man' Bahasuan if it's the last thing you do,check out this gallery, trust me,you won't be dissapionted for oils go and check out  Julia Francis-Dolling. (hope the link works ?) Mark "charlie"Fenton. passed away 23/3/08(a good buddy and one of the gang) Favourite music anything with a beat