I've been drawing fantasy artwork ever since I was little, and have always wanted to be able to paint like the masters I saw in museums. I am influenced by anime/manga, Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau and Fin de Siecle illustration. I've been published various role playing games, new age magazines, how to draw books and novels, as well stickers, cross stitch patterns and figurines.I recently illustrated a cover for the fantasy novel Mercury Brightman: The First Sign. Check it out!You can view the rest of my art at (prints, bookmarks, stickers etc are available there) I have an online fantasy comic: Tempest of the Soul All images are © (copyrighted) Meredith Dillman. Unauthorized reproduction of this image as sigs, tags, tubes, or other products is strictly forbidden by the artist. Images should never be used without proper credit: "art copyright Meredith Dillman -". Please consult Meredith's FAQ on image usage for further information." I like anime, manga, old books, gothic architecture, art history, japanese art Favourite books Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrel, Harry Potter, Mercury Brightman