update 7.04.04 in a little while I'm going to take all my stuff down from both my galleries, including all comments I have thus far recieved from my two year stay so far on Elfwood. I would like to thank all those who have left comments of support and well deserved critism. It has meant the world to me. Next time I update all this will be gone, hopefully to be replaced with new stuff.UPDATE 4.4.08 ITS BEEN 4 YEARS BUT I'M UPDATING!! So so sorry it's been SO long, personal life has gotten in the way all these years but now I'm returning to Elfwood! I also have a Deviantart page that is just starting out but it has a small collection of NEW WORK if you're interested, I could use all the visitors I can get! Thanks eternally to everyone who is still commenting on my old art on my old Elfwood pages, I adore you all and I am so so grateful.I'm going to try to update these pages with newer art eventually, but right now I am not used to the new layout and am afraid I've done something wrong and could use someone's help! So if anyone could message or email I could really use some advice...THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! ^_^