Bianca Tangermann

Hello's Bia, short for Bianca, welcome to my shelf. Almost 21 age-wise, but much the younger mentally and none the wiser actually. I'm not really dangerous...except when I'm high XD So what's the deal with me, really...I'm German by birthplace, native language and heritage, but prefer English for reading (mostly fantasy and science fiction, though I'm open towards other genres, as well) and, since recently, writing my own attempts at stories, many of which you get to read here. So the question is, why do I write? I've figured that there are myriads of images in my head, drawn from music, books, movies, descriptions...basically anything that inspires you to dream and gives you ideas, and those images have always hungered for expression, but I can't draw worth a thud. So...I've found out that, by writing, I can make people envision the images I can't draw, share my dreams, express my feelings... and in the process create and people my own worlds.  I suppose there are worse ways to do that... What inspires me? Music, mostly, but also my friends, every day experiences and certain realms fantasy can dive into. I'm fascinated by the ocean, because it presents a realm that will always be more or less closed from our sight and remain forever filled with secrets. As a result, most of my stories are about merpeople - mermaids, mermen, merrows, selkies, whatever you may call them. To me they represent a fascinating and terrifying duality, human intelligence merging with a savage grace and unpredictability, questioning our humanity.  Note that hardly any of my merpeople are the generic "Ariel" take, but my own, much more alien take on them. Likes and obsessions: Music, (Celtic, Reggae, Rock and...basically everything else) dancing, singing, swimming, writing animation, languages, Monkey Island, Elijah Wood (major fangirl over here) Likes (literature) Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", Tad Williams' "Otherland", "The War of the Flowers" and "Shadowmarch", Lukianenko's "Watch" novels, and basically anything by Kai Meyer, Anne Rice and Jonathan Safran Foer Dislikes (literature)historical novels, Christopher Paolini, Susan Cooper, and to a certain extend, J. R. R. Tolkien *DUCKS FROM PEOPLE'S WRATH* Lastly, people on Elfwood who are REALLY worth checking out... Ruth Hannah Browne My first friend on Elfwood! This young lady is amazingly talented, so I'd set a definite bookmark on her "Jade" story Tim Schein My crazy Aussie friend! Who also writes amazing stories from the outback and way beyond. Kelvin Cedeno One of my oldest and most loyal online friends, a nuthead from Florida with a knack for humorous writing who's helped me through many a writer's block. My story "Frog's Kiss" is largely dedicated to him, among others. Liesel "Christy" Booker Mon grande capitan and loyal friend - she's relatively new to Elfwood and original writing, but her fairy story "Daughters of Ora" is downright gorgeous to read, so go check it out! Shoo!! Annie Harrington This young lady scares me. She's only fifteen, but writing-wise, I think she's a frigging diva, so if that talent is gonna expand with age, watch out, Mrs Rowling. Annie is, well, frighteningly talented, her writing intelligent and eloquent as well as original and funny...downright delicious to read. Go check it out. Michael S Lareaux Michael and I have only been exchanging stories for a short time, but his stories are wonderful....most of all, his phenomenal "Stanley Harris and the Muse" changed my outlook on what we call "writer's block" forever. Go read it, it'll change yours, too. Julia Anna Rill Fellow German with a very romantic nature and an incredible talent for poetry. Alexandru Moisi This fellow seriously writes some of the most daring, eccentric and thought-provoking fantasy I've ever read. "Daedemonica" and "From A to B" are definite recommendations. Once again, it's talent flowing so abundantly as to make a grown man weep. And that's all from me...anyone still listening? XD Credits, disclaimer and stuff: The illustrations in the story 'Chasing Shadows' were not drawn by me (Zarquon, I wish they were) but they're commissioned works by my wonderful friend JessKat aka Jessica Gaedke - she drew them for me after my instructions - I'm allowed to use them!! - and don't you agree she rocks for it? See her art gallery here

Stains on the Paper

A metaphorical story about our enemy - writer's block! Alternative title: 'The Butterfly Effect'. Mermaid-less story (everyone rejoice!) and actually finished. (Cheers and kisses!) The story idea developed a few days ago when I actually got a new idea for my ongoing comatose other story, Chasing Shadows, and I made a post in my livejournal stating how inspiration is like a butterfly that can't be caught. Other inspirations for this were: footage from the upcoming animated movie 'Corpse Bride' (which I'm SO seeing) the song 'Road to Mandalay' by Robbie Williams - it may not have been a direct inspiration, but it helped me get into the mood I wanted to get across - and of course my own undying writer's block.

Chasing Shadows - Prologue

This is how my first attempt at fantasy fiction, later named 'Chasing Shadows' started out - a mental image I couldn't draw, inspired by the song 'Temperentia' by Lesiem. To keep better track of the whole thing, I've now separated it into chapters...or rather, a prologue and one chapter

Mermaid (poem)

Yes, all my poems are about mermaids. Some people draw nothing but dragons. I can't draw. So there. Anyway. This is actually in memory of a former teacher-in-training who had us as our class and who taught us about achrostica (Letter poetry) in German class. She was wonderful. Ages after she left I sat in class being bored, and the idea to write an English one about my favourite mythical creatures just grabbed me.

Chasing Shadows - Chapter 2 - Voiceless

After months and frigging MONTHS of battling the writer's block, here at last it is...and lemme say so much: I HATE THIS. A lot of frustration, embarassment and even more frustration went through the MONTHS! of writing this, and as a result, my writing is a lot less creative and elaborate than I usually like it. Oh yes, crediting: The chant 'Amaté Adea', which Yemei is hearing, is an actual song by Adiemus. I used it as a homage to them. And I'm back at having no idea how to go on...*Addition because this was rejected before* Yes, I'm using Adiemus' lyrics, but they do *not* have any meaning. In any case, at this stage of the story I don't know if I will put a meaning of my own to them, but Adiemus sing their lyrics simply for their own sake. It's not a foreign language - neither a fictional nor a truly existing one.

Frog's Kiss - Chapter 3 - Please Do Not Disturb

Well. For better or for worse, this story insists on being continued. This is a kind of inbetween-sequence to give you an idea of what's happening at the museum. This mermaid of mine is getting creepier and beastlier by the minute. But I like that evolution. Granted, I hate this with a passion - there's no substance to it at all, I need to pray to my author-gods (Adams, Foer, Meyer, Williams, Lukyanenko...) for forgiveness and salvation...but Liesel, a friend of mine who sort of authorizes my work, said she loved it, and Jess (something like my illustrator XD) merely said it's a bit long in places. So I'll just see what Elfwood will say.

Shadow of the Moon (poem)

Now this is something I'm actually kinda proud of - it's not exactly a poem in that sense, it's a song spoof, a different take on the lyrics to the amazing 'Shadow of the Moon' by my favourite musical duo Blackmore's Night. Which is *SO* a song recommendation - the most amazing song masterpiece they've ever done. If you don't know the song, consider this a poem and it'll work. Well, the general mood of the song was so inspiring that this actually kind of wrote itself, Andersen's original story of The Little Mermaid always in the back of my mind...and with a bit of fantasy you can actually sing it!

Forsaken - Prologue

Don't you just love that certain kind of biting conscience you get when you've got an unfinished project and...start something entirely new? *sigh* This serves as a sort of prologue to a story idea that came to me one day while listening to 'Easier to Run' by Linkin Park. Once again, it went into a whole other direction than I planned, and once again, I have no idea where this is leading anymore, either. It is a mermaid story (I'm *so* versatile!) although it might not look like one yet. Or is it...only my subconscious knows.

The Secret Garden

In no way related to the classic story (which I hate, by the way) and my first story in this gallery with no merpeople in it. This is a short bit I wrote on New Year's Eve while being depressed, it's kind of an extended metaphor subtly describing the reasons for my depression. Hope the message comes through...

Frog's Kiss Chapter 2 - Bobbing On the Waves

After much grappling with my muse, near-suicidal depression and frustration, a couple tons of Chinese food and a 'you finish this no matter what' deadline set by a merciful friend, here it is at last...chapter two, and I *still* hate it with a passion. Anyway, without much moping, I'll see everyone's reaction and then definitely revise. Going with what is apparently my writing forte (writing page after page with nothing substantial) not much actually happens here: After the events of the last chapter, the biology class leaves the museum, and things seemingly return to normal - but the mermaid in the basement is not willing to let go yet, especially not of Daniel, as he will soon find out. There are nice moments and familiars to hold onto, though. This story, by now, is dedicated to all people who, knowingly and unknowingly, have contributed to it with ideas, inspirational impulses, nudges in the right direction, head-washes, or simply by existing and providing inspiration in itself. Enough of the gushing. Enjoy!

Frog's Kiss - Chapter I - Theseus' String

New story! New story! New story! And a TOTALLY different approach for me, this one is. Whoo, how to start with this's my first, extended attempt at 'contemporary' fantasy, I suppose, and at slightly more humorous writing. Basically, it's about a student whose encounter with a mermaid in a tank (yes, that again!) has some unexpected clichéd and fluffy as this story in particular appears, I have a BLAST writing it for two reasons: #1: The plot is, for once, completely finished in my head and I just need to write it as it comes along, and #2: there is very, very little of me personally in that story, if that makes sense. Just a way for me to have fun. This story is the result of many miscellaneous inspirations - movies, books, songs and people from my own real life; but mostly, I dedicate it to my friend Kelvin Cedeno (Keldini on Wyvern's) because without his 'midwife' help it wouldn't have come to life at all; and to my best friend in the world, Ciro Di Lella, who constantly sends me inspiration without even being aware of it. Daniel is based on him, largely. :) Lastly, I know it's late, but: Thank you so very, very much, moderators! *blush*

Just Been Born - A Dissertation

Weirdness, weirdness, *weird-ness*!! I mean, absolute weirdness. I have absolutely *no freaking idea* where this came from, but I have the proof that I wrote it...I think. This, for lack of a better description, strange idea came to me one evening before falling asleep, and insane as it was, I played around with it, spoke it to myself as if I was holding an oral presentation, and thus the style of this thing was born. The next morning, when I decided to write it down (after months of writer`'s block!) my MP3 player randomly put on 'Just been Born' by Heather Nova, and it was a shock to hear how fitting the lyrics were in some places, so the thing had a title, as well. Make of it what you want, comment if you like, just don't ask...

Wasteland of Eden (poem)

Another poem written semi-consciously after one of those brooding, dreamy morning moods. For the past year I've been fascinated with the *really* deep areas of the sea which they have only been investigating for a few years. When you go down there, it's like a journey through space and time on your very own planet, and the creatures you encounter look as if from another world alltogether. (What I called 'Eve's snake' in this poem is a pelican eel. Check those out) With this poem I've tried to capture what I think it must feel like to descent down there, to feel on the one hand the peaceful serenity of the sea, but also the terrifying void at this depth. I think it worked out well.

Chasing Shadows - Chapter One - Hunting Fears

The first chapter - what the prologue ultimately led into. I am really satisfied with how this one turned out, especially the ending. Stay tuned for the next chapter, although I have no clue when it'll announce itself

Shackles and Glass

This is probably the strangest thing my curious, unpredictable mind has ever come up with - I suppose it is my first try at sketching something 'vague' and mysterious, leaving most of the guesswork to whoever reads this - can you figure out what I was thinking of here? Two sources came in as inspiration for this - a scene from 'She Creature' (Those who have seen it will know what I mean! Amazing mermaid in that flick, btw) and the song 'Ehwas' by Edea - it's what she's singing. I might add lyrics to the writing later to complete the atmosphere I was aiming at... Constructive comments would be great, because I'm FAR from satisfied with this

Ocean's Mirror (poem)

What?? Bia does poetry? But...Bia absolutely *SUCKS* at poetry! Well, certainly you more experienced peoples are gonna help me improve it, right? Inspired by Julia Anna Rill's great poetry I decided to give some of my own (rather pitiful) attempts a try here as well... This, I suppose, is my best poem, although that isn't saying much. I wrote it one dreary morning being extremely depressed...inspirations for this are 'Before the Dawn' (Evanescence) and the music video to 'Cherish' (Madonna)

Where the Ocean meets the Sky

A short attempt at 'drawing' an image that came over me while listening to the piece 'Rose' on the Titanic soundtrack