up date time again! again I'm getting rid of old pics and putting up new. I already have a new years resolution in mine 'I will not draw male characters over the age of 17 with waists and hips thinner then their heads O.o' even in anime that doesn't work, I've been looking closly at my fav artists (Kaori Yuki, CLAMP, Rumiko Takahashi, Kara ) and they manage to do this ^^;. As always feel free to email me etc if you want to. I'm open for character trades etc, I love to see other peoples characters (and love to see other people's pics of my characters on the rare chance ^_^) well that's enough out of me for now, on to the pics!!! update 9/2/04: this will probebly be my last update for this school term as I'm now in my last year, so; nose to the grind stone work work work and try not to let shiney objects distract me >_>....... so yes, last pic and comment up date, sadly I will be putting off replying to comments (sorry guys!) and will try to pick up when the holidays roll around ^_- till then guys!