I tend to find inspiration in the oddest of places, in cloud formations of weather maps, and occasionally in the work of others, including my two children...I hope one day to return to school, to learn more of the basics of art such as perspective, and lights and shadows...I fell in love with working on the computer versus the paper because I am such a perfectionist...when drawing on paper if I draw a perfectlly good 'cartoon' dragon, I didn't want to take the chance of messing it up by making it more real...but with the computer, I can save the 'cartoon' and then create the real dragon as well...I have learned much from those whose works inspire me...One in particular would be Linda Gruber and she was kind enough to do a tutorial everytime I asked...I couldn't ask for a better Tutor...Check out my personal gallery link to find more...I added a download and tutorial section to my personal gallery where you can find several digital art tools and a couple of desktop themes based on images here in the gallery...Enjoy!