Enter into the dwelling where muses take over! I do not claim any responsibility for any shoes that may or may not go missing if they are of the left-footed variety. And please watch where you sit for whoopie cushions, they have a tendency to crop up in the oddest of places.*Cough* *Sputter* *Hack* I see the gnomes have neglected to dust the place in my absence. Contrary to common belief, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth .... yet. I'm just muddling over whether I want to fire my muse or not, for he has done it again ... Sparks has been put on hold as inspiration has muddled the entire plot and I'm not sure whether it's coming or going at this point. And what muddled the plot was characters that demanded they be written and discovered that they failed to fit within the world already in existance. So, of course, there's nothing else to do but create a world for them ... leaving me back at square one on my elfwood shelf. *sigh* I'm glad some people have patience, because I don't! Sorry for the long waits between updates folks, my muse has led me to believe this will be the last plot change...for now. As it is, I'm writing - yes, actually writing! - a piece that is nameless at the present. Once I have the first two chapters finished and edited, I'll post them up here. I'm hoping that making myself complete two chapters before I post will help prevent the dreaded one chapter upload and story drop pattern that has been happening lately....but we'll see. Favourite movies I don't really watch any tv, so that's out. Period dramas, Willow (quotage galore!-gotta love the brownies!), Princess Bride (again, a lovely amount of quotes), Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail, The Drunken Master, Miyazaki films, Dear Frankie and other non-cheesy/teeny-bopper romance flicks, Stardust, Magical Legend of the Leprechauns Favourite books Anything with a strong female protagonist usually catches my interest (for fantasy) ... I'm not much of a SF enthusiast. Piers Anthony's Xanth books, Terry Brook's Wishsong of Shannara, Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth, Garth Nix's Abhorsen books to name a few. Favourite music Classical and anything with a catchy beat that isn't about someone killing someone else or sleeping with random people.

Sparks Chapter 1

Status: backburner - working on a different piece.Roan Tusor has decided it's time for some adventure in her life. She's a fireborne, one whose soul belongs to fire, she isn't meant for dull routines and monotony! But her simple trip to Lumina is thrown awry when she's captured on the road and takes a most unexpected journey that will force her to face some of her inner demons, trust her heart, and discover a wellspring of courage she didn't know she possessed.This is much condensed from the original I had up here so will make for a shorter, and less daunting read to get you into the story. For those who have already read the story, this part has added information that makes a re-read worth your while. Hope you enjoy! And as always, I love to hear feedback, even something as simple as I liked it, I didn't like it. It gives me an idea of how many were interested enough to read. Thanks and enjoy!March 5, 2011 - the final re-write I'm doing for the first draft of this chapter until the rest of the first draft is written! *Collapses in exhaustion*Uploaded Jan 2011