Reanne Sinclair

 The first chapter of Land of the Phoenix Sun is going through the queue as we speak and will hopefully be posted some time this month :D. I'm 23, a mennonite, and have been writing for years now. I'm not an artist in any way but I'm hoping that my artwork of my characters will entice you into coming and reading my story and leaving me a comment. As for my writing ... I'm a hopeless romantic, so I write fantasy with a little romance twisted in. I like strong characters that have a story to tell and a history ... I don't write a character just because they are needed to fill a little spot within the story. Which sometimes means that the writing process takes a long time as I have to flesh out and develop characters ... especially when they pop up in the middle of a scene.

Sparks Chapter 1

Status: backburner - working on a different piece.Roan Tusor has decided it's time for some adventure in her life. She's a fireborne, one whose soul belongs to fire, she isn't meant for dull routines and monotony! But her simple trip to Lumina is thrown awry when she's captured on the road and takes a most unexpected journey that will force her to face some of her inner demons, trust her heart, and discover a wellspring of courage she didn't know she possessed.This is much condensed from the original I had up here so will make for a shorter, and less daunting read to get you into the story. For those who have already read the story, this part has added information that makes a re-read worth your while. Hope you enjoy! And as always, I love to hear feedback, even something as simple as I liked it, I didn't like it. It gives me an idea of how many were interested enough to read. Thanks and enjoy!March 5, 2011 - the final re-write I'm doing for the first draft of this chapter until the rest of the first draft is written! *Collapses in exhaustion*Uploaded Jan 2011