Raoul Meuldijk

By another random event of evolution I was born, and have been fit enough to still be around to write some stuff. I live in Wageningen in The Netherlands and work in the field of animal genetics at the university. I'm involved in tabletop and live fantasy role-playing. From there, it's a small step to writing :-) My inspiration comes from writers such as Arthur Clarke, Douglas Adams, Iain Banks, Carolyn Cherryh and Isabel Hoving. Borenard's three entries are about a travelling priest. Unlife takes the undead from the opposite perspective :-) Loving Eros is my first try at science fiction; I like asteroids and wanted to write something about them, especially since the NEAR probe's mission. Horse and Carrot has something to tell about horses with ornaments :-)Pyromagomaniac and Subtle Revenge are about insane wizards. Unintended Consequence explores an unlikely cause for a well-known tragedy.For External Use Only is about the importance of understanding the manual of your magical items. Latest addition: For External Use Only, February 2007. Lately I've been trying to learn to draw comics. My World of Warcraft comics can be found here:javascript:void(0);/*1221663227233*/ Good place to visit: the gallery of my friend Henk. Inspiring stuff, I keep going back there. Some other Dutch Elfwooders I have acquainted: Sabina Roubos Nathaly Rijks Marius Ernst Suzan Bongers Xander Brevoort Maarten Geuskens Karen vande Casteele Inge van den Broek I like Writing, drawing cartoons, D&D, LARP. Favourite books Space opera.


Borenard enlightens orcs

Borenard, priest of the goddess of travel, brings his faith to the orcs.

Sand, Sword and Senility

An insane wizard creates a weapon of sand.

The Sermon of Borenard Idrolson

A priest recounts a tale of one of his adventures.

Borenard's Song

A song Borenard sings while travelling.

Subtle Revenge

The war between Dark Elfs and Dwarfs never ends.


A former soldier explains some things about the undead.

Loving Eros

Lovely little rocks, those asteroids... I didn't check their orbits though, and neither do I know how much g-force a person can withstand. But these two interplanetary thieves are going to get some!

Horse and Carrot

This was inspired by some of the pictures of unicorns I found on Elfwood }-) I like horses, but seriously, what some people fix to their heads...


Fire magic is such fun...

Unintended Consequence

In the early twentieth century, the Atlantans made an error of judgement.

For External Use Only

Magritte's bowler hat with a sign saying 'à usage externe' set my pen in motion.