Christmas Gryph- but sad

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Doryusen Dragonstrike

yah i no... i stole the name from Wicked, but we don't need to know that.  It's really sad, but cardinals r Chrismassy, so i post.  =^-^= Fabala was actually a real girl at the age of thirteen.  She had bright red hair, zesty green eyes, and a dimpled smile.  She looked as though she was a spoiled rich kid by the way she looked and sometimes dressed.  An evil sorcerer had just the idea to turn this 'evil and spoiled brat' into a mix breed of cat and cardinal.  She wakes up one morning feeling slightly odd and differently balanced.  She goes into the bathroom to brush her teeth and sees that she can't pick up her toothbrush.  She tries calling out for mom, but a huge shrill escapes instead. Her mother thinks that she is just some stray and odd animal that she found in her house.  She sees the necklaces on it as well, thinking that they were stolen from her daughter.  She rips them off and picks Fabala up by her fur, throwing her into the car.  Now Fabala is utterly confused because she still hasn't looked in the mirror yet and doesn't know what's wrong.  She tries to ask what is wrong, but gets a slap on the nose.  She is quiet after that.  They arrive at an odd place, one that she had seen before many times.  Although she could see color, there was a blue film over everything that Fabala saw.   Then she realized. The dream she had had last night was no dream.  It was no nightmare.  It was… real.  And now her own mother was taking her to be abandoned.  She had never felt so lonely.  Before she knew what was happening, she was being carried into the shop as if she were an occasional kitten that they found in the house sometimes.  A small tear came out of her eye.  She supposed she would soon get over it and get used to this imperfect balance that she now had. Maybe she would even be able to look into the mirror to see what the sorcerer had done to her.  One thing was for sure though.  She would never be the same after this.  Never.  She would sometimes get emotional and do exactly what you least expected.  Sometimes she wouldn’t.  She didn’t even know how to break the spell!  But maybe, just maybe, when she dies, her soul will be seen as a small red fog descending to the heavens to Glamoura, the outcast heaven where no one feels lonely or different.  Another tear ran down her red cheek. sad, isn't it?  i no.

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