Phoenix, Murderer

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Doryusen Dragonstrike

Killer Unwanted A killer I may be, but just because this one kills, doesn't mean that this one likes killing. We have to put up with some things in life, but this is one you can't be forgiven for unless you really don't like doing it at all.  Not everyone likes their job, and neither does this one.  but I will tell the story none the less... let me find my paper.  ah.  here it is.  it's rather long, so bear with me. Me. Two kids, walking in my territory.  I heard them accept the dare to miss the bus back to their school on a trip.  They were to stay here for the night... I don't think they'll make it. Julian. 'As my friend and I walk, I look in the middle of the old battlefeild.  For some reason, I see a rather large rock.  On that rock is an odd looking creature.  It has a clamp around its neck with a  broken chain attached.  The chain looks heavy duty, so the creature must be strong.  I should have gotten the intention to be scared, but the blue fur and the red hair and wings keeps me transfixed.  when my friend sees me lagging behind, he calls for me to hurry up.  I rub my eyes and fllow.  But before long, I'm back to stare at the creature. 'It smiles at me. '"Come quick!  There's something you ought to see!"  I yell to my friend.  He comes running, but sees nothing.  I point to the magnificent creature and he laughs, saying that I need sleep.  I rub my eyes and look there, but it isnt't htere anymore.  I think it might have flown away.  I turn to follow him, but bump into something blue.  I look up and see the face of the creature that had smiled at me.  I smile nicely at it, and it smiles back.  But it's not the same, friendly smile it had given me before.  It is evil and menacing.  I get a scared and horrified look on my face as I see sad bloodlust in its eyes. 'I feel a sharp pain on my arm.  Looking down, I see one talon in my elbow.  It throbs horribly.  I watch with terror as the creature's smile gets bigger, seeming like it's taking joy in my pain.  Then a familiar sharp pain in my stomach presents itself.  I think, "So this is why..." and then... darkness.' Markus. 'I keep walking, but sooner than not, I see that Julian isn't with me anymore.  I look back to try and find her, but she's no where to be seen.  I shout for her in desperation. I then run back to where she had been pointing before... and there is the carcas of Julian.  My eyes brim with clear tears, but my vision blurs to almost nothing as I frantically try to blink away the water.  I look at where she had been pointing before and see a creature.  I rub my eyes to see it better.  My mind is racing and I come to the conclusion that it was the blue and red blurr that had killed her.  I look with disgust at the thing, but suprisingly, it gives me a warm smile.  Even when my friend had been facinated and manipulated by this abomination, I see the truth through the warms smile. It's the sharp, thin teeth that get me. 'I scowl and rub my eyes and when I lookk again, it's not there.  I am furious at the stupid creature.  I turn and start running, but bump into something blue.  I step back and hit it, realizing that it is the menace that killed Julian.  I look up and also realize that it is 6 to 8 feet tall. I am very afraid, yes, very afraid now.  I feel a sharp pain in my stomach.  "So you are the reason... why the rumors take place," I said softly.  Then there's darkness.' Me. These kids made a bad choice.  That means cops and investigators in my area.  That means caution tape and the smell of tar as they block off where the blood is.  But, through all that, there will be more of a stash of dinner at home, so then I don't have to settle for deer.  How I hate killing, but this white meat is better than what you find in the forest or brook.  heh.  That'll show those humans. moral.  Though you may think badly of someone, they're probably making a sacrifice themselves, be it physically, or mentally. This picky took about 30 to 40 minutes at the most.  It wasn't hard at all.

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