Travis Harris

I'm a 20 year old college student living in Santa Cruz, California. I'm a gemini who philosophicly bares witness to this life. I love everything Japanese, especialy bushido, zen buddhism, classic japanese cinema, manga etc.. My favorite artists include: Luis Royo, Brom, Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta (if you like these guys as well, let's chat). The artistic genres I like are: photo-realism, anime, and figure drawing (and as of recently, comic books). I really aprecitiate feedback; and e-mail contacts are welcome at ''. I work primarily with a mechanical pencil on standard drawing paper, but I also use ground chalk pastel powder mixed with water, brushed on using a 'dry-brush' technique. As you might guess, I'm obsessed with the female form, fantasy and aesthetic balance. Stop reading already, Enjoy.