Michelle Budzinski

I am a 20 year old student currently attending university in Canada. I was born in Canada and have lived there all my life; I'm not sure there is any place I would rather live! I must admit, I have always had a conflict between my scientific side and my artistic side. I love computer animation, but opted for a more 'scientific' career in university. Anyway, that doesn't mean I can't try to draw! I paint and draw because it is a stress reliever, and one of my good friends has artistic ability coming out the ying-yang which tends to inspire me a lot. Well, this is the Fanart gallery (YAY!), but I also have a gallery in Lothlorien so check it out! You can be critical, and give a lot of feedback as it will help me be better. I also accept requests (although sometimes I ask people to draw me something too), so e-mail me! Just in case you want some more things to check out, my friend Karen Turnbull has a Lothlorien website with lots of dragons. My other friend Michele Mae Newby has the cutest little demon in her Fanart gallery called Sphixius. Nancy Roovers is very talented as well. Thanks!