The artist:My name is Michelle, and I'm a Norwegian, 20 year old girl with a passion for art, nature and science. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.  Armed with a trusty pencil and a piece of paper, I have always enjoyed  having the possibility to create different worlds and characters.I am aiming my work towards the field of concept art, so that I one day can work alongside fellow artists and create characters and places for movies, games, or maybe even comics. I'm aiming for the stars, and I belive that anything is possible with hard work and passion. The art:This gallery contains mostly my old artwork, and much of it makes me blush and look away whenever I see it now. But I'd like to keep it here, just so that people can see where I started out, all the way back to the days when I was 13 years old.The earier pictures are mostly pencil drawings. I started using the GIMP quite a few years ago, and it taught me how to paint digitally. Today, I'm almost solely using Photoshop CS5, and I love it. I hope to get more traditional art done, though. I hope you have fun looking through my gallery, and that you will share your thoughts with me. If you feel like looking at some other pictures, I will recommend that you pay a visit to my friend's wonderful gallery: G.M. Østensen I have recently got a deviantART gallery as well, where I'll probably add artwork that doesn't really fit here at Elfwood :)  Newest updates: May 11, 2011Have a look at "Princess escape", and enjoy this alternate versjon of typical fairytales ;)  February 28, 2011Are you a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire? Then have a look at "ASoIaF - Jon Snow" :) February 13, 2011My most time consuming picture so far can now be found in my gallery! Have a look at "Charge of the Knights" :) January 8, 2011I've uploaded my first picture from 2011: "Quest for the Dragon Treasure".  A good ol' traditional drawing :)  I like Horses, animals, drawing and creating stuff, astronomy, reading, dinosaurs, playing the piano, comics (particularly Marvel), watching good movies, and of course, fantasy. Favourite movies Movies: LOTR, Harry Potter, PotC, X-men, Wolverine Origins, Avatar (by James Cameron). TV Shows: Star Trek, Stargate, X-men: Evolution. Favourite books LOTR, the Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Animorphs and a bunch of others, mostly fantasy. I love reading! Favourite music Instrumental, rock and classical. My favourite band is Guns N' Roses. I like Enya's music too. And I absolutely love movie-music, like LOTR. But I listen to pretty much everything, as long as it isn't rap or one of those horrible, modern, mass-produced pop-songs that eats up your brain.