Michelle Tolo

Hello, good people of planet Earth and beyond, and welcome to my Elfood gallery. I have had this gallery for many years now, back since I was 13 or so, so there's a whole bunch of old work here. Then again, it's fun to look back at :) My name is Michelle, and I'm a Norwegian artist who works hard on improving my skills. I am currently a student at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, where I study Computer Graphic Art, and it's an absolutey amazing place to be. I have a passion for fantasy art, though I like to explore as many different subjects as possible. If I'm not drawing or working, I can usually be found running around in the mountains with my dog, enjoying a good fantasy book, spending time with my wonderful friends, reading scientific articles, gaming all night, or drinking tea. I love tea. As in being perfectly capable of consuming 3 liters of it in a day, should I feel like it. I really want to improve as much as possible, so if you have any critical criticism regarding my work, please don't hesitate telling me - I'm generally a nice and calm person to be around, so it is very unlikely that I will turn into a monstrous being and bite you. Regarding commissions: Feel free to contact me if you're interested in commissioning me. You can send me an email at michelle.tolo@hotmail.com. That being said, I hope you will enjoy my work. Thank you for visiting :)