Lim Leanne

I am 18 years old, from Singapore, currently studying science ( i'm taking bio, chem and physics plus maths for A levels this year) in a junior college. I do not have any formal training but I love manga and anime, both reading and drawing it, and i am currently reading saiyuki reload, captain tsubasa and goth. My fave manga-ka is kaori yuki, who drew angel sanctuary and count cain. I have read X by clamp, Samurai X, and of course Yami no Matsuei! I'm going to start reading DN Angel and Magical detective ragnarok. I have gotten over Fushigi Yugi but i have found a new beautifully drawn manga called Alichino by Koryu Shurei. I currently have volumes 2 and 3 (in chinese)but i can't seem to find volume 1.