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Midnight looks around her surroundings. The trees look black in the dark sky, the stars illuminate nothing in all their bright white brilliance. Upon closer inspection, she saw that some of them were actually hinted blue and red. She picks up her pencil and begins a tale of darkness. She will stop only when she has finished. Her tales are from worlds far away, but perhaps not so far at all as she pours her soul onto her paper. Her black wings flap lightly, she licks her unseen fangs. One toss of her raven hair produces a light and airy feeling on the back of her neck. Finally, laying down her pencil, she tucks her book back into her bag and goes to search for her next meal You, an unsuspecting stranger walks by the bag. You take out the book and open it up. Inside it says: Special news! I have uploaded two new stories and a poem! Yay! I know some people have asked for another story, not quite ready to start something new yet, but I hope these new chapters will satisfy your need to see something more on this page for now. Don't forget to leave comments, and I'll check out your pages too! Oh, and btw, my art page should be up in the next few days, check it out and send me comments there too! I love hearing from you guys! Here's something about myself:. I am female, eighteen a writer,artist and musician I love fantasy stories and pictures the best. I've co-written a series of books that we're gonna try and get published soon. The story I have on this site is one of my favorite short stories Some of the things I'm most interested in are vampires(I obsessed with them) gothic pictures, clothing, stories, movies, music, and jewelry Creating characters for my: stories and giving them personality (my favorite part of writing!) Creating stories for my artwork. Hopefully you guys like it. Let me know :) I hope this Bio wasn't too long, I don't think Bio's are particularly boring to read but some people think so. I like to find out about people, so I dont have a problem with long bios :) Let me know what you think. >>Soon, once my art site is up, I'll create a Zone 47 art sight along with a Lothlorian one, so I can put pictures of Alec, Preston, Morgan, Agustus and Lenaye up. Enjoy the stories! Feedback, to me, is the very essence of growing. P.S. Im kind of running a little survey. If you read my stories, happen to like them, and if some rare chance want to comment on them- tell me which character you like the best and why? Thanks!

Losing Blood Chapter Three

Things are not as you origionally assume they are.

Losing Blood, Chapter eight.

Lenaye finds Morgan and Preston and Lectures them, shortly after being found by two vampires.

Losing Blood, Chapter Five

Morgan tries to find the vampire who had bitten her and runs into Preston, who also had been bitten. She gets the wrong impression that Preston is also out to kill the vampire, and enlists his unknowing help to kill the vampire who is now his friend.

Losing Blood, Chapter seven

The hunter Lenaye senses that Morgan might be in trouble and runs to help her. White Onyx decides to get into the middle of things as well.

Losing Blood, chapter nine

The hunters and mortal barely survive their run-ins with the vampires

Losing Blood, Chapter twelve


Losing Blood, Chapter Two

Alec, almost blind from hunger, finds himself in a dance club where he takes the blood from an unsuspecting mortal man. The man is so spellbound by the vampire he tries to follow him once he runs off and vows to himself to find this stranger again.

Losing Blood chapter thirteen


Losing Blood Chapter Fifteen


Dripping Blood (poem two)

Another poem inspired by Losing Blood.

Losing Blood, chapter ten

Agustus finds Alec and starts a fight with him, Lenaye finds them and begins to duel with the vampire.

Losing Blood, Chapter Four

Preston tries to find the vampire Alec, who had bitten him in a nightclub. Also, at the same time, an evil ancient vampire by the name of Agustus goes on a search for Alec as well, with nothing but spilled blood on his mind

Losing Blood (a poem)

This is a poem that came to me one day, relating to my story Losing Blood. What do you think?

Losing Blood

A youth of a vampire finds himself lost when his mentor was murdered and he faces a world of evil ancients and must survive on his own.

Losing Blood Chapter Eleven


Losing Blood, Chapter six

Agustus continues to follow Alec.

Losing Blood, chapter fourteen