I got so inspired by some of the art sites I was browsing, I just had to come and write a new bio. Stats: I'm eighteen, I've been an artist for- ok, how exactly can an eighteen year old answer this? I've been trying to draw my whole life! I'm also a musician (guitar, piano, I also write my own music- ok, I try too.)And I'm a writer. I have a Wyverns Library, a Lothlorian art site and a Zone 47 art site. Aside from Elfwood stuff, I have two novels (same series) I am going to try and get published soon (wish me luck!) about, well, what else? Vampires :) That reminds me,I have been searching for great vampire pictures. I found a few, but I quickly came to the conclusion that vampire pictures are not that easy to draw. They aren't just people with fangs, no. They are an expression of the innermost emotion felt by the artist at the time, and expressing that emotion can be one of the most difficult things an artist can do, right? Well, there's my theory. In the mean time, if any of you have vampire pictures on their galleries they'd like to share, point me your way! I'm obsessed with vampires. Not because of the morbidness or gore or whatever comes associated, but because of the endless array of emotion that vampires have the potential to represent. P.S. Send lots of comments! :) They make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Plus, I get to see everyone's galleries who comment on my site. And for those of you who don't have galleries or libraries here, I'm glad you thought my art was good enough (or bad enough) to comment on. :) Thank you!